#8Sunday: FedEx delivery to the Moon?…from THE ASTRONAUT’S PRINCESS #Sexy #SciFi #Adventure



Another bit from Chapter Seven, Episode 2 of my Cosmic Cowboys Series. Noah is on the job…finally.

Enjoy a tiny excerpt from The Astronaut’s Princess


For this trip, he was a glorified FedEx deliveryman. The cargo shuttle lacked the amenities of the passenger ship still under construction, in which Janson would deliver his first patrons in a few short months. The first ship was buried under the reservation. No six-by-six foot bubble viewing windows or luxurious lounge chairs for this ride. The shuttle was stripped down to the necessities, all lash points, cargo straps, and lockers. Tess and Cole were on board the floating Blue Moon Hotel, or at least what there was of it so far. The skeleton staff, who were assembling and working out the kinks before the actual guests arrived, had already taken to calling the project the Lunatic instead. An insider joke that would make Janson piss his marketing pants if he found out.


Brace for impact. The Astronaut’s Princess is landing Feb. 16

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Book Blurb:

Astronauts, Aliens and Apaches? What could possibly go wrong?

Working for a billionaire space entrepreneur has its perks:  a nice paycheck, free room and board, and all the space flight hours a guy could want. But everything has a price.  Astronaut Noah Wright has survived an alien attack, time travel and a wormhole, but the Apache princess he brought back through time may be the death of him.

Ela, only daughter of Chief Itza-Chu of the Mescalero Apaches, finds herself out of place and out of time. Everything she knows of her early 1800’s life has vanished. Her savior and protector, Noah, is kind, but he’s not her family and certainly not Apache. Her only wish is to get home, but returning through the wormhole that brought her to the future threatens more than her past, causing her to have to rediscover what home really is.


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8 Responses to #8Sunday: FedEx delivery to the Moon?…from THE ASTRONAUT’S PRINCESS #Sexy #SciFi #Adventure

  1. I love that they call the project the Lunatic. Perfect.

  2. The Lunatic- haha! Great bit of worldbuilding here!

  3. Enjoyed the excerpt, so very realistic that the worker bees have a private, less flattering name for the grandiose project. Terrific!

  4. Only a lunatic would work there?

  5. Lunatic! 😀
    Of course, thinking something is a boring, routine job is an invitation for things to go terrible wrong…

  6. Avatar Author Jessica E. Subject
    Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Last line made me giggle. A great snippet that shows what is, and what’s to come. 🙂

  7. I love the heading you came up with this snippet: “FedEx delivery to the Moon”.

  8. ” An insider joke that would make Janson piss his marketing pants if he found out.” Love that line! I like the description of the cargo ship. A really good snippet overall!