100+ Reviews for Reap & Repent!

100+ Reviews!

First of all THANK YOU for reading and reviewing Reap & Repent. Just last week, the book passed the 100 reviews mark. and sits with a 4.5 of 5 STAR rating on Amazon. 😀

In honor of reaching this milestone, I’ve picked a random reviewer to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Maliceon Books, I’m looking at YOU!

I’ve punted around whether to continue the series. The folks who’ve read it keep emailing and contacting me about book four. So, as soon as I’m back from vacation in July, I promise, I’ll get back to Reap & Reckon. It’s going to take a while. The other Reaper Series books took me six months each to write. I’d said I’d have Reckon out in 2016. That could still happen, but it will more likely be early 2017. You have plenty of time to catch up on the series in e-book, print or audio 😀

I have a good start. Oh, and I killed off a reaper in Chapter One.

So there’s that to think about in the meantime, mhwahahahahahaha!

If you’ve read Reap & Repent, please leave a short review on Amazon for me. Doesn’t have to be a book report or recap of the entire book. A sentence or two is just fine. Also, a share or two with your reader friends would certainly help 😀

If you’re new to the series, book one is super duper, no kidding, FREEEEEE!  You can start reading below, then click over and BUY it for $0.00. Yep, it’s true.

Reap on.


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5 Responses to 100+ Reviews for Reap & Repent!

  1. One hundred reviews is awesome — and a 4.5 star rating is great. Congratulations!

  2. You earned those 4.5 stars! Congrats. I am more than ready for the next book in the series of Reapers as the pickings of actually GOOD books has been slim of late. Keep up the good work

  3. Rad! How am I just now seeing this? Keep me posted xoxo 💋 Hillary Marek aka Maliceon Books